Promotion Packages

Video Marketing Campaign

Video Markeing Campaign:  Fee $129.00

We'll take one of your existing videos and publish it to 8 different video directories. Then we'll take your project summary and use it to promote those 8 new video links all over the Internet at 25 different high-traffic, high page-rank locations.  Then we'll publish all 25 of those links, along with the original 8 video links, to the  RSS feed directories.  We'll then "ping" those links to get them indexed as quickly as possible.

We'll produce the video for you for an additional fee. The type of video you want determines the fee. Most simple videos are around $59 to $75.

Article Marketing Campaign

Article Marketing Strategy:  Fee $129

We'll write an original article and publish it to the top article directory, E-Zine Articles. After approval and publication, which takes a few days, we'll take that article and produce 350+ variations of that article and publish those to over 350 article directories.  Then we'll syndicate all those links through the RSS feed directories and we'll ping those links to get them indexed quicker.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Marketing Strategy:  Fee $149

We'll use your existing social accounts at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Manta and StubleUpon and publish announcements and status updates of your project three times a week for a month.  We'll publish those posts to the rss feed directories and "ping" those links to get them indexed in the search engines right away. 

Don't worry, if you don't have any of the accounts listed, we'll set them up for you. 

Next we'll promote your project to several networks of Facebook users.  Up to 100,000 people will see your offer and will be able to click through to see your project display and contribute.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing:  Fee $99 basic

Email marketing is still the staple of online marketing. You want to capture the email addresses of everyone who is interested in your project, whether they contribute now or not. It can take seeing your offer 7 or more times before someone acts.  You can use Email Marketing to keep your project in the forefront of their minds, increasing your number of donors as a result.

We will set you up with a way to capture enauk addresses right on your project page and we'll produce a valuable PDF with your help, that you can offer people in exchange for their email address..  

Optionally, we'll explore obtaining lists of people with the demographics of people who are most likely to express interest in your project. As long as you cover the list cost, we'll mail up to 25,000 emails for you as part of this package. The email messages will promote your project and rewards and will include links to your project page.

Paid Advertising Marketing Campaign

Paid Advertising:  Fee: $250 to manage

The quickest way to get results in online marketing is to simply pay for it. We'll do some initial keyword and demographic research, then we'll set up small tests of $100 each to see which ads/keyword combinations produce the best results. You'll then have the chance to 'roll out' the best ads to whatever your budget allows.  

Our fee is monthly and does not include your actual advertising spend.  You'll have to pay for each test. Usually 3 tests are sufficient to determine an effective ad.  We can do more extensive testing as your budget allows and as needed.  Your ad budget for any roll-outs is also not included.  

Note: If your ad budget exceeds $10,000 in one month we will negotiate our management fee with you.  

Press Release Campaign

Press Release Campaign:  Fee $129

We'll write and distribute one press release about your project to major online press release distribution sites.  The press release will have links back to your project page and will focus on the benefits your project offers people.

Once published we'll take that press release and publish it out to over 150 article directories.  Then we'll syndicate those links out to the RSS feed directories and we'll "ping" those links to get them indexed in the search engines faster.

Webinar Marketing Campagin

Webinar Marketing Campaign:  Fee $199

We'll host one online webinar event for you.  We'll work with you to invite as many people as possible to the webinar,  You can be a guest on the webinar, you can host it yourself, and you can have any ohter person you want as an expert, if desired.  The webinar will be held about half=way through your project promotion so there is some momentum before it's held.  

We suggest combining this with other promotional methods to get the highest number of webinar attendants as possible.



Promote Your Project

Promote Your Project

You've taken all the time and trouble to carefully craft a project description and supporting images, videos and documentation. Now it's time to get all that great information to the public who can fund your project. is a great platform to help you showcase your project and raise the funds you need to bring it to pass, but it's not magic. Just because you put a project up and get it accepted doesn't necessarily mean it will get funded. In fact only an average of about 50% of projects listed in all crowd funding sites ever get funded. We want to help you get your project funded, and that's what this section is all about. 

How to Promote Your Project

There are many ways to promote your project, and we present the most effective methods below.  Follow these instructions and you'll have a better chance of succeeding. 

1) Start with your own network of family, friends and acquaintances.

2) Follow up on any leads people give you or suggest to you.

3) Use your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Manta, StumbleUpon, etc. to spread the word.

4) Use video marketing to increase awareness of your project

5) Use any and all other marketing methods you can to get the word out so as many people as possible can see your offer and be able to participate in it.

6) Focus on the rewards. Make sure you offer compelling rewards for contributions to your project. Even if people don't care about your project, if they want the rewards you offer, they'll contribute anyway. Focus your marketing efforts on promoting the rewards. Just remember people care more about what they are getting out of something rather than the success of the project itself. 

Those are the basic promotions tips, but now lets discuss a few things to keep in mind as you market using these methods.

How to Target the Right People

Your project may be one that has universal appeal, but in most cases, not everyone is going to be interested in your project. For example, if your project is about doing a documentary in Africa, not everyone is interested in the African jungle and wildlife. Your task is to discover exactly who would be interested in what your project offers and to spend your time and energy reaching just those people. This is called "target marketing" and it's the only way to hone in on people who are willing to fund whatever it is you want to do.

Online marketing all boils down to executing an effective strategy to reach as many people who are specifically interested in your offer as possible at the lowest cost, in the shortest amount of time. We can help you determine who your target market is and how to reach them. If you have trouble in this area let us know and we can discuss your project and your goals in details and formulate an effective plan to define and reach your target market. 

Allocate Around 10% of What You Plan To Earn to Promote Your Project

Consider the following question when planning your marketing strategy.

How Much Money do you Need to Raise and What is the Long-Term Value of Your Project? 

Sometimes people just think of the money they need to raise and forget how much their project will actually produce for them once completed. You need to think about the whole picture, not just the initial funding.

Let's say you need $10,000 to publish a video DVD. With that money, you'll be able to produce 2000 DVD's. How much money will you earn if you sell those 2000 DVD's?  At $16 each, you stand to bring in $32,000. Subtract your cost of $10,000 and you have 22,000 gross profit. Your earnings don't end there because you can now produce a larger number of DVD's as needed and multiply your profits exponentially as long as you have a market to sell to.

Here's the question you now have to ask yourself, "How much am I willing to spend to raise the $10,000 needed to produce those DVD's and earn that $22,000?  Remember you can earn even more than that if you continue to produce and sell more DVD's since you have the master. 

We suggest that you allocate at least 10% of what you plan to earn through your marketing efforts.  In this case, we'd suggest you spend 10% of $22,000 which is $2.200. Use that money to raise the initial $10,000 and to build an initial customer base. Having an initial customer base of several hundred people or so gives you a tremendous advantage and head-start in marketing those 2000 DVD's you are about to produce. Having a customer base like that will help ensure you sell all your DVD's and even more after your initial supply runs out.

If you are raising 5,000, then we suggest you allocate $500 to market your project. If you're raising 2500, then invest $250 to $350 to market your project. Quite frankly, a budget of $250 isn't going to get you a great amount of exposure in this day and age, so no matter what amount you are trying to raise, we suggest you don't spend less than $250 to $350 to raise awareness of your project to your target market. 

Combine Packages for Synergistic Effect

We've listed several very effective marketing packages, however if you want something you don't see, contact us. We also do offline promotions such as holding a launch or publicity event, radio and print advertising, and direct mail campaigns. 

You can increase the effect of your promotion campaigns by combining methods. For example, video marketing combined with a press release about your project and social media announcements and updates is a very effective method of promoting your project to those who care. 

Pick any 3 of our promotion packages and get a 10% discount on the entire package.
Choose any 5 promotion packages and we'll reduce the total cost by 20%.

To order any package or combination of packages, simply email us after your project has been approved.  We'll include information about these marketing promotions in your project acceptance email.